Excel intermediate e-learning course

Get more out of Excel, as it holds many useful things for you! In our intermediate Excel e-learning material, we take a step up from the basics and show formulas and tricks in our instructional videos that will significantly ease your work. You can immediately try out the novelties in the practice exercises of the instructional material. Learn whenever and wherever it's convenient for you with our e-learning.

Unfamiliar with the e-learning form of learning? Try it out through our free, registration-required Excel bacis E-learning course to decide if it's right for you.

See what this material has in store for you!

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Excel intermediate e-learning course

The intermediate online course is recommended for those who are already familiar with the basics of spreadsheet management and would like to advance further. The knowledge of each topic is primarily contained in the videos included in the lessons. The introduction provides information on what the specific video will cover and also allows downloading the spreadsheet used in the video.

Price: HUF 20,000. By clicking the DEMO button, you can view one of the lessons of the course material without registration.

Access duration: 180 days

Progress: The e-learning format allows for independent learning according to the user's own schedule and pace. The material can be used at any time during the access period. Completing the online training requires a total of about 12 hours of study.

The main topics of the intermediate course include:

  • Using custom formats,
  • Paste special,
  • Using more complex formulas, other functions,
  • Advanced filtering,
  • Conditional formatting,
  • Advanced settings for charts,
  • Creating a pivot table.

1. Introduction, Useful Tips and Tricks in Excel
2. Formatting Tables, Number Formats
3. Paste Special
4. Calculations in the Table - Repetition
5. Using Functions - Repetition
6. The IF function
7. Nesting Functions
8. The COUNTIFS Function
9. SUMIFS and AVERAGEIFS Functions
10. Searching with the VLOOKUP Function
11. Searching with the XLOOKUP Function
12. Error Handling
13. Rounding Numbers
14. Handling Date and Time Values in Excel
15. Text Handling in Excel
16. Text Functions
17. Other Functions Related to Formulas
18. Use of Advanced Filtering
19. Conditional Formatting
20. Filtering Duplicates
21. Charts and Sparklines
22. Table function
23. Creating a Pivot Table

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